Sauter Pianoforte Manufaktur

Alpha Noblesse 160 (180cm shown)

Cherry Satin Intarsia

Equipped with Piano Disc IQ Flex player system and piano recorder.

Sauter Pianoforte Manufaktur

Omega 220 semi-concert grand

Additional register for modern piano tones and prepared piano works.

Uncompromising quality!

This piano is more powerful than many competitor’s full concert grands.


Hailun Grand Piano 161

Available on an order-in basis

Fun piano to play and the uncontested best buy for this level of quality.


Hallet, Davis & Co.  Petite Condo Grand 4’9”

Available on an order-in basis

on consignment:

Everett Concert Grand

1942  stamp on keybed and action

Classic “golden era” piano tone.

Restoration complete in 2005

We can order-in specific pianos from any of the manufacturers we carry.  We also have access to a broad inventory of pre-owned Kawai  and Yamaha pianos.

Financing is available via Allegro Acceptance (TM)  / Sherman-Clay.

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Piano Shopping?  Pianos are quite different from the other purchases your family will consider.  Unlike entertainment equipment, pianos require interaction & have a positive, research-documented impact on education.  Pianos are once in a life investment and will keep them longer than you will your home!


Hailun HU1 on an order-in basis

Great piano with extremely stabile regulation and great singing tone.  Preferred over professional models of popular Japanese-made pianos.

Also offering Kingsburg uprights on an order-in basis.