Pianos are quite different from the other purchases your family will consider.  Unlike entertainment equipment, pianos require interaction & have a positive, research-documented impact on education.  Pianos typically are a once-in-a-lifetime investment and you will likely keep one longer than you will your home!

We carry and order pianos from Hailun and Sauter. We can order any piano made by these manufacturers.

Hailun pianos range from upper consumer-grade to intermediate-grade depending on models selected.

Sauter pianos are rated opulence performance grade.

Sauter Pianoforte Manufaktur dropped its North-American warehousing, and pianos are ordered directly from Germany. This has reduced the retail pricing by a significant percentage. Sauters are priced in Euros and the price floats with the exchange rate.

We also broker refurbished Kawai and Yamaha pianos on request.

Pianos Currently In-Stock

Alpha 160 Noblesse.

The piano pictured is the longer Delta. This baby grand in satin cherry natural has beautiful veneers matching over the fall-board and lid. There is also detailed inlaid intarsia. This is an art case baby grand. Typically exquisite attention to detail throughout. This piano has equipped with a Piano Disk iQ player system as well a recorder system not fully integrated. A midi mobilizer and computer processing are required for playback of recordings.

Sauter Omega 220
semi-concert grand.

This piano has the extra registers marked on the soundboard for prepared-piano works. The workmanship on Sauter pianos is exquisite even where the customer is unlikely to see it. This is an opulence, performance-grade piano. It is more powerful sonically than many competitor’s concert-grands. It is a pleasure to play.

Consigned: Everett 1942
Concert Grand.

This piano was restored by IPR in 2005 with an Arledge bass scale, Mapes Gold strings, Wurzen hammer felt etc.

The piano was purchased from the estate of Freddie Deland. He bought it after his Argentinian concert tour. Classic “golden-era” piano tone.